We find ourselves at that pivotal time of year again when we talk about pursuing our aspirations and smashing our goals. I sit here as a friend telling you that what you dare dream of is possible. You’re the one getting in the way of what you want in life. Sure there are things that happen causing hiccups along the way but we would be naive to believe it would be perfectly smooth.

For a long time, I sought out to find peace in myself on a spiritual level and have attained that peace. As I think about that though, I also find myself now wanting progress and growth more so than ever. When we are at peace, like a calm lake, there is little happening. If you want progress in your life, you’re going to have to embrace the ripples in the water. You’re going to need the tough parts for contrast. You’re going to need something to tell yourself there’s a reason you are working so hard.

I am certain that not only will 2019 be a transformational year for many of you, but it will be the year you find your calling. And when you do, don’t be in a rush to make it happen over night. Enjoy the time you invest in what makes your heart sing and sets your soul on fire.

It’s easy to set goals and say you want to accomplish things each year. You know what though, it’s even easier to actually lay the pavers to make it happen. Start today. Take 5 mins to yourself and turn everything off. Put your phone down. Think about one thing that makes you smile and do everything you can to keep that smile on your face. You don’t take a boat out to see 50 lighthouses. It takes just one to show you the way.

Safe travels my friends.

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