I had a thought recently. It’s about beliefs. We hear “believe in yourself” when someone wants you to gain some confidence and stop being afraid. That comment is typically plagued with one of two comments. One being “how?” and the other “easier said than done”.

So let’s talk about that because it comes down to fear. It’s not easy for some because they are gripped with fear. People typically struggle to believe in themselves out of different types of fears. This could stem from fear of judgment from what others might think, fear of backlash, fear of failure or fear of acceptance.

The one person that doesn’t benefit when we hold back on doing what makes us happy for other people, is ourselves. Before you believe in yourself, you must embrace the courage you have and say screw what other people think.

Do what makes you a powerhouse. Because when you do, it will be other people that fear what you have become by turning the tide of intimidation.

So believe in yourself by valuing yourself and your dreams first. Then cut out the noise of other opinions. Remember that opinions are given by that of the others perspectives and beliefs. Our beliefs differ and just because someone cares about you, doesn’t mean they know what’s best for you.

Believe in yourself by remembering fear is made up and has no real tangible clout.

Be courageous this weekend and do something you’ve been afraid to do. Don’t fear the outcome by embracing what could happen. Either way, it will give you a step closer to what you dream about and what you want out of life. Your own happiness.

This is a quick high level of where to begin. If you want a private mentoring session, write me a message and let me know what it is you want to accomplish.

Have an inspiring day my friends.

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