Here you sit, after hitting “place order”, you impatiently wait for that package to arrive at your door. Your expectations aren’t anything out of the ordinary as you have done this a dozen times before right. But this is something you have been eyeing for quite some time and just couldn’t bring yourself to purchase it previously. It’s been 4 days and after a long day of work you pull into your driveway and see that glorious basic box. But inside contains… another boring box? Yes, that’s right, you got exactly what you wanted. Which was a product that serves its purpose, with little emotional stimulation that lasts for mere moments?

This is the standard experience we face when we buy products, a lackluster unboxing or a product branding experience that doesn’t leave anything worth remembering. Enter my purchase experience with Blenders Eyewear.

I wasn’t expecting anything outrageous, especially since I only invested $20. First, let me give you some insight before I go further on how difficult it is for me to find a pair of shades I am happy with. I have a sensitivity to light and anything that isn’t Rx typically hurts my eyes as they struggle to gain clarity through cheap lenses. Add “Asian fit” to the mix and you dwindle down the selection pool. Ok back to the box that was sitting at my door.

I toss the package on the couch as I walk through the door. I run around to take care of some things. I figure no big deal, it was just a $20 pair of shades, I can come back to it later. After 20 mins I sit down at the table, slide the tape with my pocket knife and to my surprise was a clear acetate package. I removed the box and found a plethora of goodies. The glasses themselves looked great, while build quality was everything I expected $20 to get me. But what I didn’t expect was the little extras like a soft carrying and wipe pouch, a lens wipe, branded stickers, and character stickers.

Blenders could have done what most brands do when it comes to discounted merch with a ‘what you get is what you get’ mentality or even what expensive brands do, rely solely on the name on the glasses. Blenders put in the extra details to make you feel as though you got more than what you paid for. Sure the actual cost of stickers aren’t that much and ordered in bulk, packaging has some workarounds. But as a brand, your customers what to know you care about your product and them as customers. You want your customers to talk about your brand, show it off with hashtags in their next gram post. You want your customers to remember your brand far after that initial unboxing. The details show that you care about the experience your customers get with your brand. It might even be enough to make me invest more than just $20 on a pair of their product.

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