Like many people, I ask the same question many others have come across at some point in their lives. What am I doing in my life? What do I want to do? Have I wasted my years? My point here isn’t to give weight to the pessimism that most people face. My focus with these series of questions is to show you that you’re not alone. Everyone at some point questions their life. But some ask the real serious questions. They push the boundaries of self-awareness.

The question I particularly have for myself isn’t some doubtful or negative toned tirade. My question for the past year has been, what is my “brand”? I have experienced a lot and with the wealth of knowledge and experience combined with my trade, what have to offer the world? What value can I give to others? Another question I ponder is how do I deliver it? But before I deliver it, what is it exactly I want to deliver.

The questions become a cycle of inaction. Compounded on top of each other, the questions become heavy and focus begins to blur. So what does one do when they come to the proverbial question… wait. Let me not focus on one question because we all face many questions and simplify it.

What is your brand? Your brands starting point is the one thing that defines your character. It is the one thing you stand for. I also know that asking you what your brand comes with an onslaught of other questions.

It’s important not to jump too far ahead. Get back to basics before you try to figure out what you’re going to do in life. How can you even answer such a thing when you don’t even know exactly what it is about the coffee you drink. A purist might scoff at the idea you only drink coffee for the caffeine. Sure we all benefit from the high it gives us but have you ever compared the bold rich flavor of a Jamaican roast versus the light and sweeter notes of a Kona bean?

I know this first blog post might jump around a bit but it will be the first out of many that challenges you to stop and start asking real questions about yourself.

So what have I determined is my brand? Well, it’s to help you find yours. After all, what better way to combine my trade with my passion for growth.

I am JusSayin.

Justin Bordeaux

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