Justin C. Bordeaux

My background

I am a creative veteran, managing print and digital content to build and market brands internationally. I have led creative development projects for both large organizations and start-ups in multiple business genres. Past projects include leading video game development in San Francisco, executive business leadership in Miami and digital brand development for an international brand in 5 different countries. I was the founder and CEO of multiple businesses including a publishing company, video game developer and creative advertising agency, aside from taking lead executive roles at various companies giving him both creative and logistical experience.

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I was very impressed with the job Justin did. He demonstrated a real commitment to making sure I was taken care of and that the new website met all expectations. I would highly recommend Justin as a good resource to help a small business owner design.

John B. | PGA Coach


Motivation, ambition, and most of all, passion are characteristics you will see shine from this individual. His entrepreneurial drive and fascinating interpersonal skills are what gives me the pleasure of knowing someone with stupendous pride, appreciation, and optimism toward future business en devours. Justin Bordeaux is a person in touch with humanity while also assessing the need for business professionalism.

Alex R. | CFO Miami Financial


Justin is absolutely amazing. I felt like I was spinning out of control mentally. His words helped me see the value in my self, he was able to help me see my situation from the outside looking in. Breaking down the cycle that I was in. He was able to give tools to use when I was having a low day. I am very grateful for Justin!

Tiffany M